Friday, September 20, 2013

Some of the lessons....

Anal? OCD? Particular? Organized? Not sure what I would call myself, but I have some of those traits. Not in all things, but many. My classroom was just so. My books were and are organized just so. I don't always get my clothes put away, but  I am very particular how they are washed and dried. And they are all hung up facing the same direction and in color sections according to short and long sleeve. Kind of sick. Other areas, you'd never guess I cared. Car would be one. My poor, poor husband!!!

One of the things I am extremely particular about is books and magazines. To have corners, pages torn or colored in will throw my mind over the edge!!! Seriously, inside I think I will die. Crazy I know. The library should be a wonderful a place to visit and take a classroom of children. Not me. the thought of bending books took the joy away. Crazy!!! I KNOW!!!

Well, now I have Carmyn!! A characteristic of Angelman Syndrome is that our kids are very oral. My Carmyn is no exception to the rule.  She LOVES to chew on books. What does that do to ME???? Well, I nothing. I still don't "love" it, but I have grown tremendously in this area. What Carmyn has taught me is things are just that~THINGS!!!  People are important!! Health is most important!! Relationships are SUPER important!! Things are not!! Carmyn can destroy a lot. And in a short amount of time. As a family, we have learned if it is important, you'd better keep it up. Otherwise, it's fair game!!!

I love that God is using Carmyn to stretch me!! I need it.  I need out of my comfort zone.

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